An introduction to Keyword research for beginners

There are millions of websites across the world. So, getting a good rank on Google can be an uphill task- especially for new sites and small businesses. However, with the right strategies, it can become less difficult to constantly improve your position. Gradually it can produce positive results and help in achieving a decent rank. To start with you first need to work with keyword research. While doing keyword research you need to follow some steps and understand some technical terms. In this post we are going to explain such follow-up steps o streamline the keyword research process for you:

Why do you need keyword research?

Ranking is the most vital part of your SEO health. It is a prime factor to be considered while designing a website strategy. Getting a good ranking is the ambition of every blogger. However, due to massive global competition, it is not possible to achieve it. You need to simplify it by strategically narrowing down the things. Start by keyword research. Knowledge about important keywords that are comparatively less difficult to rank at allows you to efficiently optimize your site for best results.

What are benefits of keyword research?

By doing proper keyword research you can create material that matches the search intent of your targeted readers. It allows you to gain a better position during relevant searches. By matching your targeted readers’ intent you also get a chance to attract the relevant traffic and increase engagement. It sends a positive message to Google that will eventually strengthen your ranking. It will also allow you to build a good rapport with the right audiences.

Some of the aspects to consider while researching keywords are:-

Search intent

Website users have a specific intention while searching a specific phrase on Google. How well your website material matches the visitors’ intent determines the quality of visitors your site will attract. Keyword research helps you to produce intent-based material and strategically build a good number of relevant traffic. Over time it results in better engagement, longer stay duration, good CTR, and organic shares which also increase your blog’s popularity.

Search volume

Search volume refers to the competitive profile of a specific search term. Go for the keywords with a good volume. However, for the new bloggers with limited resources and expertise, it is next to impossible to rank for keywords with the highest volume. Hence, it is recommendable to look for the low-hanging fruits first, i.e., the keywords with high potential but reasonably lower volume. It reduces the competition while still allowing you to improve your ranking. It enables your blog to gain some organic relevant traffic.

Traffic potential

How well you prioritize different keywords allows you to define your SEO strategy more definitely. It also enables you to lead SEO strategy in the right direction. By employing tools like Ahrefs you can easily see the current rankings of different pages of your site and identify the top-ranking web pages. You would also be able to see the different keywords these pages are ranking for along with the corresponding position. Using this future you can tactically prioritize the most relevant keywords on which your Web Pages enjoy a decent ranking. It increases the overall RoI and reduces the time to improve your SERP s ranking.

Keyword difficulty

Most competitive keywords are also most difficult to rank on. Identifying such keywords before helps you to design your blogging calendar accordingly. For that, you need to check the keyword difficulty metrics. SO, you can wisely pick the keywords that have potential but relatively lower difficulty. Based on this information you can create an roI-based set of selected keywords to rank for. The sophisticated keyword tools show you the score of different terms which makes it easier for you to determine the keyword difficulty.


Keywords play a vital role in making your website user and Google-friendly. However, a proper keyword research strategy comprises several steps and processes. In this post, we mentioned the key processes one needs to follow during their keyword strategy.

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